An Engaging Magnet Program for Grades K-7 that Blends the Arts with the Sciences!


The Science, Technology, and Arts Exploration & Innovation (STArts) Magnet Program is a unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Magnet program that envisions all students succeeding through equitable access to high-interest instruction. The STArts Magnet Program will engage students with hands-on learning opportunities focused on Sea, Land, Space, and the Arts exploration and innovation. Students participating in the STArts Magnet Program will develop ingenuity, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving in these and other areas through a well-rounded lens.


Available at Two Locations

Frances S. Tucker School

3500 Douglas Road, Miami, FL 33133
Emphasis on Dance/Kinetic Movement

Hubert S. Sibley K-8

255 NW 115 Street, Miami, FL 33168
Emphasis on Visual & Graphic Arts Studies


Students exiting the STArts Magnet program will succeed through preparation for competitive and nationally recognized High School Magnet programs and high academic achievement.

Space Science

A new emphasis on space education has taken astronomy beyond identifying celestial objects to applying it to environmental sustainability. Fortunately, technological advancements have made the experiential learning of space science accessible to all students. The STArts Magnet Program will inspire students to explore and innovate in the cross-section of environmental and space sciences. Partnerships with NASA and Discovery Education will permit students to travel virtually to extraterrestrial lands and communicate remotely with scientists. Meanwhile, simulations in space will allow students to explore, research, and design for the next frontier.

Marine Science

South Florida is an epicenter for cutting-edge research on coral reefs, ocean acidification, climate change, fisheries, and overall ocean health. The STArts Magnet Program will engage students in marine science exploration and provide students with experiential opportunities to discover and preserve marine ecosystems. Partnerships with local marine science research and conservation organizations, such as Florida International University’s Medina Aquarius Program, will allow students to participate in real-world science through interactive lessons and unique, authentic learning opportunities.

& Conservation Science

National demand, coupled with the environmental factors impacting Miami-Dade County, make focusing on environmental science a critical theme for the STArts Magnet Program. Partnerships with local environmental research and action groups, including Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, will give students hands-on learning opportunities to solve local problems related to sustaining and conserving the sensitive ecosystem of Miami-Dade. Emphasizing environmental STEM exploration and innovation through the STArts Magnet Program will create a community of innovative environmental stewards ready to address the sustainability needs of Miami-Dade County and the global community.

Innovative Instructional Strategies

The STArts Magnet Program will incorporate innovative instructional methods such as Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Inquiry-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, and Design Thinking. This hierarchy of instructional strategies fosters student achievement, critical thinking, problem-solving, and interdisciplinary collaborative learning. CSCL is a pedagogical approach in which learning occurs through social interaction using a computer or the internet. The STArts Magnet Program will integrate technology into the curriculum to enhance STEAM education, promote collaboration, increase student achievement, and improve equity and access to STEM careers.

Available at


Frances S. Tucker School

STArts Magnet program with an emphasis on Dance/Kinetic Movement.

Hubert O. Sibley K-8

STArts Magnet program with an emphasis on Visual and Graphic Arts studies.

The STArts Magnet program is offered at two school sites. Applications are being accepted starting October 1st. Reserve your seat today! Pick the school you would want your child to attend!


STArts Magnet students are going to engage in a world of exploration, hands-on learning and experiential assimilation of the natural wonders of this world and beyond.



I prefer Dance & Kinetic Movement

Frances S. Tucker School provides the STArts Magnet program with an emphasis on Dance/Kinetic Movement

Frances S. Tucker School

3500 Douglas Rd, Miami

Accepting grades K-6

I prefer Visual & Graphic Arts

Hubert O. Sibley K-8 provides the STArts Magnet program with an emphasis on Visual & Graphic Arts studies

Hubert O. Sibley K-8

255 NW 115th St, Miami

Accepting grades K-6